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We strongly encourage you to do preventive maintenance on your vehicle because it saves you money by minimizing future repairs, but visit us for either preventive maintenance or repairs.

Elliott's Service Center will fairly price and ethically sell our services and products.

We will treat every transaction with absolute honesty and integrity.

Our warranty is 12,000 miles / 12-month parts and labor.

Most problems between automotive service centers and the customer are communication problems. Our communication style is straightforward and forthright. Employees who are good representatives of their employer can see things from the customer's point of view. Our level of sophistication regarding automotive issues is readily discernible, and we provide an extremely high level of personal service by displaying a sincere customer interest. But if we make a mistake - tell us! We will apologize and then "Let us fix it!" Let us find a resolution that meets your needs as the customer and our business needs. We will try to make it right for both of us. We are acutely aware that our ability to work in concert with the customer in a positive manner enhances customer retention and creates business opportunities to drive forward future business activities.

Many know Elliott's Service Center as "Evansville's quintessential neighborhood garage." If you want to talk to the Owner of the company or the service manager then you need to be talking to Steve Sr.; if your want "car talk" then have a conversation with Steve Jr. we have no fancy latte machines; no gourmet coffee, no carpeting and we don't have air conditioning. We don't have an "on-line person" you can "chat" with via the Internet. We do check e-mail; look at our Facebook page (but not more than once a day) and we neither do "text" no "Tweet." When you call we may not answer the phone and when we do answer we will give you our undivided attention. We will actively listen to your concerns and problems. We will help identify a solution to your vehicle's drivability problem.

Why none of that fancy stuff - because we have basic West Side values and beliefs. To have these accoutrement's, "bells & whistles" and other special features that are not necessary (but are often incorporated to make it appear more desirable) any business must pass those costs onto the customer and we are not willing to do that. Elliott's Service Center wants to help you save your money.

Come by and see us, visit with us and let us help you maintain or fix your vehicle. After we service or repair you vehicle on another day just stop by to just say Hi and visit. We like to see our customers on day when you don't have a car problem. Relationships matter at the Elliott's Service Center and are a major part of our commitment to success.


Local: 812-618-0560

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"During our conversations, you made me feel welcome by engaging in business conversation and displaying a sincere customer interest. The social amenity of name recognition and a positive engagement with me, as the customer, goes a long way. When I returned to pick up my SUV and pay my invoice everything was as quoted. Thank You."


"Several months ago i bought my POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) in for preventive maintenance and some repairs. My RAV drive perfectly thanks to your work. You were thorough and meticulous in the inspection, analysis of any imminent problems, and in your performance of the routine maintenance work on my vehicle. You took the time and initiative to remove the spare tire cover and check the air pressure in the spare tire. A small but tangible example of the thoroughness and quality of your work and an indication of your personal concern and commitment to the customer was indicated. That type of personalized service is unheard of in this day and age. I pride in maintaining my vehicle in safe and dependable operating condition, I only take my SUV to a repair facility where I trust their employees and have a good working relationship. I want to have a good service experience each and every time for I view that as an accurate indicator of the type of service in the unlikely event of a warranty claim of if a problem should arise. I am pleased to have established this ongoing working relationship with Elliott's Service Center because I believe that Elliot's will fairly price and ethically sell their services and products and equally important to me, as the customer, is the fact that you treat every transaction with absolute honesty and integrity. Your subject matter expertise as one of Elliott's Service Center automotive professionals, i.e., technicians and mechanics, helps keep my vehicle in a safe and reliable operating condition, and I wanted you to know of my appreciation of your work with me. You are a first class operation."


"This is just a short note of thanks for the work you did in selling my mother's 1992 Mercury Sable LS. As I expressed to you, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for your ability to "wheel and deal" in the selling of cars. You possess a subject matter expertise and have an innate ability to know what to repair on the car without getting financially upside down in the vehicle transaction while concurrently ensuring the buyer receives safe and reliable transportation. My mother received a fair price for the car, and I believe that the buyer received a very good car for the price. Steve, you have a vast depth and breadth of knowledge, subject matter expertise, and real life experiences with vehicle diagnostic, maintenance, and repair. I am indeed fortunate to have you as a professional colleague. Over the years I have developed a deep respect for your opinions, perspectives and advice. Steve, you also conduct yourself with honesty and integrity. Those two characteristics and such vast ranges of knowledge combined with real life experience make if a pleasurable experience to deal with you. Thank you."