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Elliott’s Service Center is a locally owned and operated full service auto center located on the West Side of Evansville (.7 miles north of Mater Dei High School - 1 min. driving time). We diagnosis, service and repair cars, SUV’s, and light duty trucks and we have been doing so since 1982 at this location. Two (2) ASE Certified Master Auto/Truck Technicians with more than 65 years combined hands on experience and expertise are on staff full time to provide both routine maintenance and the following repair services:

• Engine repair
• Electrical/Electronic systems
• Automatic Transmission
• Heating and air conditioning
• Manual Drive Train and Axles
• Engine Performance
• Suspension and Steering s Batteries
• Brakes

Steve Elliott Sr. and his son Steve Elliott, Jr. are both ASE Certified Master Auto/Truck technicians who possess the subject matter expertise to correctly identify the problem, give you an accurate estimate of the repair costs and repair your vehicle with quality aftermarket parts and BEFORE you purchase your next used car or truck have Elliott's Service Center inspect the vehicle for potential problems or undisclosed issues.

Worthy of Note: Those individuals who succeed and become registered as an ASE Master Technician have undergone an examination process, a level of scrutiny and the final certification of the only accredited national organization responsible for mechanics/technicians. The written examination and requisite work experiences arc specifically designed to measure the safe and effective practices and competencies in eight (8) areas; thereby this credential issued by ASE helps protect you, the customer, by ensuring a trained and knowledgeable professional mechanic/technician is working on your car or truck.

Our work experience includes antique cars, collectible vehicles, and exotic cars and of course 4-wheel drive vehicles in addition to school buses, tow trucks, and dump trucks. Whether it is your daily driver or a special vehicle our employment experiences span the gamut of automotive/truck operations including independent gauges, franchise, company owned stores, and dealerships.

We are proficient in the use of electronic diagnostic equipment allowing us to accurately determine “drivability” problems in all makes and models. From “Check Engine” lights to major drivability problems we are known as the “to go guys” when other technicians cannot figure out the solution to the problem. We are the "last resort" when it comes to diagnosing and repairing problems that other technician garages cannot figure out. You will quickly discover that we are worth the drive to the West Side of Evansville.

Licenses / Credentials:

• ASE Certified Master Auto/Truck Technicians
• Involved & Committed to our Evansville Community
• Two (2) ASE Certified Master Auto/Truck Technicians
• Amateur Comedians

Services Offered:

  • Routine Vehicle Maintenance Including Oil & Filter Changes, Wiper Blades, etc.
  • Diagnostic Work to Identify the Problem
  • Engine Repair - Major & Minor
  • Starting Problems
  • Electrical / Electronic Problems
  • Automatic Transmission Issues
  • Heating & A/C Problems
  • Manual Drive Train & Axles Issues
  • Engine Performance / Drivability Issues
  • Suspension & Steering, i.e. Shocks & Struts
  • Battery Replacement & Check Charging System
  • Brake Repair & Adjustment
  • Cooling - Radiator Problems
  • Replacement of Belts & Hoses
Reliable Evansville Auto Repair Service

An Evansville Auto Repair Service can be relied on to help people who are in major accidents or broken down. If you don’t have a chance to check out the background and reputation of a company before your car is disabled, it can turn out to be very costly. Establishing a relationship with a professional Evansville Auto Repair Service before you need major repair or service will allow you to develop the kind of trust that will save you time and frustration when you have an emergency.

Evansville Auto Repair Service: When you’re Stranded

Auto repair services provide many different types of service. A professional Evansville Auto Repair Service is always eager to assist you. You will want expert assistance to diagnose and repair your car when you have a serious problem. An Evansville Auto Repair Service will tow your car to their shop and handle the repairs for you.

You should ask an Evansville Auto Repair Service if they tow as a part of the service. If you are stuck on the roadside, then call an Evansville Auto Repair Service to see if they provide towing or can refer a preferred towing available. You can call an Evansville Auto Repair Service if your vehicle won’t start. They’ll check the battery first but if it’s something more serious that cant be immediately fixed, your car will need to be towed to their shop. Often when a car won’t start in the morning they only need a battery jump to get started. Minor issues like a low battery or an empty gas tank can be fixed right away, so your local Evansville Auto Repair Service won’t need tow your car.

Evansville Auto Repair Service: Efficient Repairs

Regardless of the model and make of your vehicle, an experienced Evansville Auto Repair Service can provide it with a full garage service. They have special equipment to efficiently test and evaluate the problems of your car. Many cars today rely on their built in computers and sensors. The professionals at your local Evansville Auto Repair Service maintains up to date equipment that can diagnose the computer systems in your vehicle.
This updates the technicians on methods of improving the life and efficiency of your car.

Evansville Auto Repair Service: Customer Oriented Service

The staff of a professional Evansville Auto Repair Service will take time to answer your questions, make sure you are aware of when you need regular maintenance done to your car, and will let you know of any issues that you need to be aware The staff at the local Evansville Auto Repair Service will also inform you of any problems with your vehicle that may come up for attention which can be attended on another day. The technicians at the Evansville Auto Repair Service can let you know how to extend the life of your car as well as the products that are best suited for it during your regular maintenance.

An Evansville Auto Repair Service can be called upon if you have any problems and they will help you out. The Evansville Auto Repair Service staff pride themselves on being available to provide you the quality customer service that you expect when you call them.

All of people working with your local Evansville Auto Repair Service will be able to answer your questions. If you need help from an experienced mechanic, then simply call an Evansville Auto Repair Service for honest work.

Evansville Auto Repair Service: Service Follow-Up

A competent Evansville Auto Repair Service technician will follow-up with you after a repair to make sure that your car is running smoothly and no new problems have arisen. An Evansville Auto Repair Service will provide a high standard of service, along with a garage that is equipped to take care of the make and model of your car.

By creating a long term relationship with you, an Evansville Auto Repair Service will be aiming to maintain their standard for customer service. Unlike standard auto repair services, when you share a good relationship Evansville Auto Repair Service will be available to help you with repairs and breakdowns no matter how suddenly they happen. To help you get up and running on the road as soon as possible, your local Evansville Auto Repair Service mechanics will always be available.


Local: 812-618-0560

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"During our conversations, you made me feel welcome by engaging in business conversation and displaying a sincere customer interest. The social amenity of name recognition and a positive engagement with me, as the customer, goes a long way. When I returned to pick up my SUV and pay my invoice everything was as quoted. Thank You."


"Several months ago i bought my POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) in for preventive maintenance and some repairs. My RAV drive perfectly thanks to your work. You were thorough and meticulous in the inspection, analysis of any imminent problems, and in your performance of the routine maintenance work on my vehicle. You took the time and initiative to remove the spare tire cover and check the air pressure in the spare tire. A small but tangible example of the thoroughness and quality of your work and an indication of your personal concern and commitment to the customer was indicated. That type of personalized service is unheard of in this day and age. I pride in maintaining my vehicle in safe and dependable operating condition, I only take my SUV to a repair facility where I trust their employees and have a good working relationship. I want to have a good service experience each and every time for I view that as an accurate indicator of the type of service in the unlikely event of a warranty claim of if a problem should arise. I am pleased to have established this ongoing working relationship with Elliott's Service Center because I believe that Elliot's will fairly price and ethically sell their services and products and equally important to me, as the customer, is the fact that you treat every transaction with absolute honesty and integrity. Your subject matter expertise as one of Elliott's Service Center automotive professionals, i.e., technicians and mechanics, helps keep my vehicle in a safe and reliable operating condition, and I wanted you to know of my appreciation of your work with me. You are a first class operation."


"This is just a short note of thanks for the work you did in selling my mother's 1992 Mercury Sable LS. As I expressed to you, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for your ability to "wheel and deal" in the selling of cars. You possess a subject matter expertise and have an innate ability to know what to repair on the car without getting financially upside down in the vehicle transaction while concurrently ensuring the buyer receives safe and reliable transportation. My mother received a fair price for the car, and I believe that the buyer received a very good car for the price. Steve, you have a vast depth and breadth of knowledge, subject matter expertise, and real life experiences with vehicle diagnostic, maintenance, and repair. I am indeed fortunate to have you as a professional colleague. Over the years I have developed a deep respect for your opinions, perspectives and advice. Steve, you also conduct yourself with honesty and integrity. Those two characteristics and such vast ranges of knowledge combined with real life experience make if a pleasurable experience to deal with you. Thank you."